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Our Approach

Cornerstones of Excellence

From estimating to the final walkthrough, Carocon demonstrates superb skill in all aspects of construction. We believe our name should be synonymous with integrity; thus Carocon operates with the highest ethical business practices. With four decades of experience and specialty in multi-family housing, we not only offer expertise, but a proven track record and approach that saves clients time, money and stress.
Because Carocon segments each project into manageable components, our team provides outstanding projections and control throughout the life of a project.

Scheduling & Project Control

A majority of Carocon projects involve multiple buildings, so we’ve earned a reputation as experts in this area. Scheduling and control of multi-building projects is different and more complex than most single building projects. For example, to foster public interest in a project, we complete marketable areas such as clubs, pools and amenity areas at the earliest possible date.

To assist scheduling, our team developed a computerized program specific to multi-building projects. This program generates weekly schedule updates and forecasts future critical tasks for subcontractors, suppliers and Carocon personnel. For special scheduling tasks, we supplement this online scheduling program with Microsoft Project.

Quality Control

For over 40 years, we’ve centered our business and our practices on quality. We truly believe that quality defines Carocon, and that the quality of our staff directly relates to the performance and the integrity of each project. Thus, all Carocon team members including our senior management participate in quality reviews.

Quality of Staff

Carocon incorporates several protocols for assuring our project staff meets high performance expectations.

  1. Each month, our project teams set and monitor goals to ensure that all tasks are accomplished.
  2. At the beginning of each month, we hold project reviews (with senior management in attendance) to monitor and evaluate construction budgets, schedules, quality control inspections, unit turnover, subcontractor and supplier performance, safety and other project-related factors.
  3. Project schedules are routinely updated each Friday to assure projects remain on schedule, and task lists for subcontractors and suppliers are distributed in a timely manner.
  4. Carocon’s President and Senior Vice President of Construction Operations regularly visit projects and often attend owner/architect/contractor meetings to obtain feedback regarding our project teams’ performance

Quality Assurance

Over the past four decades, Carocon has developed several procedures for consistently meeting the demand for high-quality projects and workmanship.

Staffing. Carocon staffs its projects with qualified general superintendents with responsibility for a specific scope of work on a project, as well as a framing superintendent and/or finish superintendent as needed. Before subcontractors are paid, each superintendent signs off that the work is complete and meets client expectations.

Third-Party Consultants. As needed, Carocon hires experts to provide plan reviews and onsite inspections to minimize potential problems after construction, particularly problems that involve water intrusion.

Punch Items per Unit. Carocon closely monitors the number of punch items per unit, and posts these results on each project’s Acceptance Sheet. In general, we aim for five items of less per unit, and our finish teams consistently meet this standard – even with for-sale projects where homeowners can be very subjective. On the owner’s re-walk, Carocon remains highly successful at having all punch items completed with no exceptions.

Minimize Paperwork at the Field Level. Aside from filling out daily reports and safety inspections, Carocon project field staff members spend minimal time processing paperwork. Instead, administrative work, including contracts and purchase orders, is performed at our main office. This allows our project teams to focus on scheduling and inspecting work.

Inspection Pass Rate. Carocon prides itself in having building inspections pass on the first attempt, and we regularly achieve a pass rate of 95% or better on projects. Click here for an example of a typical Inspection Sign-off Sheet.

Project Estimating

Often, the information available from preliminary plans makes it difficult to estimate project costs with accuracy. To aid the process, Carocon developed an exclusive Project Estimating Program. When combined with pricing and statistical detail from our database, this program can produce detailed information and cost projections by trade area. This data provides the basis for more precise estimates and stronger negotiations with subcontractors.

Construction Cost Analysis

Over the past 30 years, Carocon has amassed volumes of cost data on all types of frame construction projects. Thanks to this wealth of information, our Construction Cost Analysis Program allows our staff to access, analyze and compare data collected over the years. This data reflects different markets within the Carolinas and reveals actual as-built costs. Thus, Carocon project managers can quickly create spreadsheets comparing proposed projects to up to four comparable examples, and determine whether a conceptual budget reflects current market conditions. For example, cost analysis spreadsheets enable our project managers to review lump sum amounts, costs per square foot, costs per unit, and cost in relation to construction time.

Project Outline

To keep projects on-task, Carocon team members rely on a detailed Project Outline which condenses and consolidates the project manual, specifications and plan review for each job. This outline serves as a basis to establish an initial conceptual budget, and includes the assumptions made in square footage, unit and building mix, and project components using the Construction Specifications Institute architectural divisions. General conditions and contractual items, as they relate to the initial budget, are discussed as well, (i.e., insurance, bonds, construction schedules, impact fees, acreage charges, etc.).

Carocon recommends that this Project Outline become part of contract documents as it has been proven to help owners track on-going changes made to refine a product. This outline also serves as an excellent record of specifications and design addendums required to ensure a complete set of plans and specifications for construction.

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